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Airedale Terrier Personal Checks Airedale Terrier Personal Checks feature the largest of the terrier breeds. These dogs were originally bred to hunt otters. West Highland White Terrier Personal Checks West Highland White Terrier Personal Checks have the small, white dog with pointy ears and tail. They are also known as the Westie. As always, these […]

Basset Hound Calendars

Look at this face and fall in love….A different pose each month with Basset Hound Calendars. Basset Hound 2020 Mini Wall Calendar Basset Hound Calendars have beautiful poses by the sad faced hounds These dogs are favorites of everyone. They dogs are so gentle and loving. Wall calendars are the world’s most popular calendars with […]

Jack Russell Intnl 2019 Wall Calendar

Jack Russell Calendars

Jack Russell Calendar Jack Russell Terrier puppies are full of energy and have bold personalities. These absolutely adorable puppies require a double portion of attention! Curious and darling Jack Russell puppies romp throughout this playfully photographed square wall calendar. Includes a free download of the Dog Days? app for the smartphone and tablet, which grants […]

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